BEING HUMAN (confessions of a PT)

Wednesday 8th June 2016 - Tagged: Inspiration

This was a post on our Facebook page back in March this year. As our new website now has a blog, we thought we’d repost it. Enjoy!…

Just because I’m a qualified Personal Trainer doesn’t mean I don’t get lazy.
Life takes over from time to time and I found every excuse possible NOT to train.
As I wasn’t training I felt myself become your typical Monday dieter. You know, that Monday that never comes so you just end up kidding yourself. I well and truly had fell off the wagon.
I was doing little bits of HIIT (high intensity interval training) here and there just to tied me over, but that wasn’t enough.
I started having restless and broken sleep. I was suffering from a bloated, uncomfortable tummy, my skin started to look and feel bad and to top it off I gained eight pounds.

My motivation…
I booked a holiday and like every other female I started to panic and knew it was time to rekindle my passion with the gym and the foods I need and love.
Three weeks until my holiday and I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and started a hypertrophy programme with my mentor, Stewart who told me it would be a quicker way to get bikini ready.

When I use weights with my clients I often get asked “As a female won’t weight lifting make me big and muscly?”
Well ladies, majority of us females don’t have high levels of testosterone in our bodies for this to happen, but it’s scary to us as this is the same type of training body builders use.

Last week I trained along side Stewart doing the same regime as him. He is getting bigger and leaner and I am getting smaller and tighter.
After ONE week I lost THREE inches from all over my body. I’m now sleeping like a baby, I have a flatter, firmer tummy, my skin is much improved and all round I’m a happier person.

What did I do to achieve these results?…
I trained NINE times over six days. Three of those days were doing two-a-day training.
First session was always resistance, lasting 35/45 minutes. The second session was HIIT lasting no longer than 10 minutes.
I trained for approximately 300 minutes (5 hours) over nine sessions. Cardio took only 30 of those minutes.
My nutrition has been pretty good. I’ve been eating sensibly, but still allowing myself a naughty hot chocolate every night… All in moderation they say.

Have I enjoyed the change?…
No! Not all of it.
I have found this really challenging and at times I’ve felt deflated as I’ve regressed massively. Some of the exercises I have never done before and my body has ached in places I didn’t even know existed. I have walked out of the studio and had a good old cry.
However, come last Sunday I enjoyed the results I received. It was a lovely Mother’s Day present.

The results speak for themselves and although I’m only approaching the end of my second week, I really do feel so much better.
I’ve had highs and lows, but sleeping well again is heaven sent and feeling hungry for better foods is equally as good.
I’m testing my mind as well as my body. A wise man once said “the mind is the most powerful tool we will ever possess”.

Thank you, Stewart for teaching me it’s okay to be human and for constantly holding my hand and keeping me in the room.

Kate (SMPT)