Libby Woolcock

Hi, I’m Libby Woolcock and I qualified as a certified Yoga instructor back in 2017 with the Yoga Alliance Professionals, undertaking my teacher training locally in Bracknell.

I specialise in teaching a combined style of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, to help build strength and flexibility. This means that my taught sequences are generally energetic and focus on the ‘flow’ of the movements with the breath. There is certainly some physical challenge, but also a chance to stretch out the body, switch off the mind and relax.

My ‘stretching’ journey started a while back as a keen ballet dancer from the age of 4, then undertaking training as a Junior Associate of the Royal Ballet School at the age of 12. Alongside various forms of dance I also competed at county and national level in ASA Synchronised Swimming, where Yoga and Pilates were an integral part of our weekly training routines.

Spending most of my younger years dancing and training I found myself interested in the subjects of Human Biology and Psychology. I have always liked to have a deeperunderstanding of how the body and mind works and how it can be utilised to progress training techniques. I ended up studying both for my A Level’s and then completed a degree in Sport Science and Tourism at university.

Looking after my health, fitness, and overall well-being continues to be very important to me to maintain a balanced lifestyle, especially between working a full-time job and delivering my yoga teaching. I also really enjoy strength and resistance training as it continually helps me to progress my own yoga and flexibility practice.

Having found the practice of yoga so beneficial (both mentally and physically) over the years, it led me to want to teach and help others do the same. Genuinely, I love being able to share my techniques and practises with people of all abilities and it is very satisfying to see people progress as itbuilds alongside their commitment to practice over time.

I teach classes that are traditional in style, but also functional for modern life, with a fresh, fun approach and I encourage us not to take ourselves too seriously, but to relax and enjoy it.

Yoga offers many benefits: one of these is a way to stay fit and healthy, and this is reflected in my teaching… If you can still be putting on your own socks into your 80’s, then that’s got to be a major WIN in life, right?

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