Saturday 18th June 2016 - Tagged: Inspiration, Resistance, Strength

I started training with a PT two months before my 49th birthday. I thought cardio was really all I would do. I was wrong. Strength and resistance training started from day one. I am now 52 and the strongest I’ve ever been.

This week I achieved a PB (personal best). I completed a 72kg (over 11 stone) one-rep-max pull-up which is an additional 15kg (33lbs) to my bodyweight.

Before I started training I had never imagined doing a lunge let alone a pull-up. As my training advanced I developed a love for all kinds of resistance exercises, but heavy strength training is a favourite of mine.

Gaining strength really does make you feel good whether you are a man or a woman.
Being a female I can tell you that it also makes you feel empowered, confident and sexy.

Most people I’ve talked to think strength and resistance is all about barbells, dumbbells and cast iron plates. It isn’t. You can use your bodyweight, suspension trainers, ViPRs etc. These tools can help people of all ages achieve a better quality of life whether it’s pushing/pulling your bodyweight or simply getting out of the bath.

Resistance training is the greatest way to change the look/shape of your body.
Incorporating resistance and cardio will give you the best of both if you are looking to improve your health and wellbeing. You will be fit and strong.

I would recommend some kind of guidance on technique before you start resistance training. This is very important as incorrect technique can cause serious injury.

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Tansy (SMPT)