Wednesday 10th January 2018 - Tagged: Lifestyle

I’m going to start this blog by saying ‘sit happens!’ It does, we all do it, but if we knew the harm sitting for long durations causes us then, maybe we wouldn’t sit as much.

Some studies have shown that sitting for too long and being immobile is as detrimental to your health as smoking, drinking and eating crap. That’s a scary thought!
Just by standing and walking 10/20 paces each hour can reduce heart disease, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, BMI and much more… even cancer!
I suppose the moral of the story is to sit less and move more.

If you find yourself sitting on your backside for majority of the day and for long periods of the week then it’s highly likely that you have medial rotation of the shoulders (rounded shoulders). This is known to cause much discomfort and pain over time, particularly in areas such as your neck, shoulders, chest and back.

Self assessment:
Stand up and look down at your hands. If your thumbs are near enough facing each other (palms facing you) then it’s probably time to start correcting the problem.

Firstly, stretch out those tight spots:
* thoracic spine (mid back)
* pec major and minor (chest)
* lats (back)
* upper traps (upper back, upper region)
* levator scapulae (neck, back/side region)
* sternocleidomastoid (neck, front region)

Secondly, strengthen those weak muscles:
* erector spinae (extends throughout the spine)
* mid traps (upper back, mid region)
* lower traps (upper back, lower region)
* rhomboids (between shoulder blades)
* serratus anterior (ribs, upper region)
* rotator cuffs (shoulder region)

Thirdly, remain consistent. Keep at it every day.

After a matter of weeks you should start to feel and see a difference.
If you are not experiencing discomfort or pain that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be correcting the problem.
Prevention is better than cure.

Note: If you have any spinal issues it is wise to see a trusted practitioner before participating in any physical activity.

Stewart (SMPT)