Sunday 26th June 2016 - Tagged: Cardio, Core, Resistance, Strength

Many clients ask me what equipment they should purchase when doing their own thing.
All equipment has its benefits, but in my opinion your body is the best equipment you possess.
If you are going to go out and purchase equipment for variety of workouts then here are my recommendations:

* TRX Suspension Trainer
The TRX is one of my favourites. It’s a strap with handles and is fantastic for an all over body workout, core stability and flexibility. When buying the TRX you can choose to have a workout DVD included. This is sensible as certain exercises can be quite advanced. Get the basics right first.

* Kettlebells
The kettlebell is a cast iron weight that looks like a cannon ball with a handle.
Originating from Russia, kettlebells are great for improving strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility. They can be extremely dangerous so it’s wise to learn how to manage them before use.

* ViPRs
ViPRs are basically rubber tubes with handles. They are an awesome tool for improving strength, functional training and movement. Changing the weight, hold and foot/hand print allows the ViPR to be very versatile.

The great thing about these pieces of equipment is they can be used inside, outside and be transported pretty much anywhere.
The TRX is very compact as it comes with a bag. Kettlebells are reasonably small just heavy, normally ranging from 4kg to 40kg and the ViPRs are around a meter long and range from 4kg to 20kg.

Stewart (SMPT)