Kate Mailer

Hi, I’m Kate Mailer and I’m a fully qualified personal trainer who specialises in weight loss, pre/post natal and core stability training. I qualified as a personal trainer with The Training Room at the Nuffield Fitness and Wellbeing Centre in Reading.

Since I was eighteen, I have been a member of a gym and always tried to be body conscious. I really enjoyed cardiovascular exercise such as jogging and cross training. It helped me lose over two stone and I decided I enjoyed the healthier me.

When I fell pregnant with my daughter I continued to use the gym daily for the first twelve weeks and then out of pure fear of ‘not caring for my baby’ I stopped exercising entirely (this is something I now know isn’t ideal). I put on four and a half stone during my pregnancy. Eight weeks after my daughter was born I decided it was time to lose weight and focus on exercise. I lost weight, but I wasn’t healthy as I dipped in and out of ‘fade diets’ which resulted in my body weight yo- yo-ing and leaving me with extreme fatigue and loss of energy.

After three years of not maintaining my weight and losing my love for exercise, I decided to use a personal trainer. Within four weeks I had my passion back for all things fitness; even things that appeared totally unachievable (pull-ups/push-up etc). After six weeks I realised a lifestyle change is what I needed in order to become healthier, fitter and ultimately happier as a mummy. I love health and fitness training so much, I now do it as a profession. Amazing really!

I’ve always known that as mums we need to do the best for our babies, but the best isn’t always becoming sedentary. My skills allow me to provide pre/post natal women with beneficial advice which will enable them to take care of themselves and their babies.

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